The Cyclomatics Theater Company
With 23 years of existence, it participates in theater festivals throughout the country, winning several awards (over 200) and nominations in all categories and solidifying itself in the national and carioca theater market. The Company develops its own language through scenic dramaturgy revisiting world-renowned authors such as Federico Garcia Lorca, Sophocles, Nelson Rodrigues, Jean Genet, Jorge Amado. Betting on the contemporary staging, writing and individuality of each member of the Company, forming the multi-artists. From 2012 to 2015, the Company managed the Ziembinski Municipal Theater, which is located in Tijuca, with the artistic residency project The Cyclomatics - History and Scenic Experience, with shows, courses and arts activities in general. 


The Cyclomatics is a company with a diverse style of theatrical language, embodying the languages ​​proposed by the scenarios envisioned in each project. Currently with more than 200 awards in Theater Festivals throughout Brazil, he still has a social project parallel to the artistic work: Os Ciclomaticos DNA. In 2020 completes 24 years of existence.