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The course is aimed at actors who have experience or have already graduated in Performing Arts. The objective of the course is: to know the theatrical universe in depth; appropriately use specific performing languages ​​through theatrical games that facilitate position on the scene; improvise through specific methods of interpretation devised by theater thinkers; build and develop a theatrical character; act with discipline and ethics in the scenic market and in preparation and execution of theatrical montages. Assembly at the end of the course. Minimum age 16 years. Certification at the end of the course.



Workshop Resume:

Ribamar Ribeiro is an actor, director, playwright, producer, teacher and sound artist. Has a degree in Visual Arts and is Master in Arts at UERJ. He has written and directed over 50 theatrical performances. He is Artistic Director of Os Ciclomaticos Theater Company and CTI - Independent Theater Community. As an actor he has worked with André Paes Leme, Marília Martins, José da Costa and Nanci de Freitas and Antonio Abujamra. It has more than 40 awards throughout Brazil. Professor at FUNARTE, SENAC Rio and SESC Rio. Taught workshops and lectures at Universities: UNIRIO, UFBA, Rural University and Estácio de Sá; and also in International Festivals: Lima - Peru, France and Germany. In 2006 he directed the musical about samba: "That's It, Irajá!", By Nei Lopes. In 2013 writes and directs "Casa Grande e Senzala - Brazilian Musical Manifesto" winner of the Scenic Assembly Award of the State Government of Rio de Janeiro. In 2015, he receives the International Prize from the International Latin American Theater Festival in Lima, Peru, as director and playwright for language research. Also participates of the festival Santiago a thousand in the Brazilian Entourage of the Ministry of Culture in Chile.

Workshop Information:



May 7th to December 17th






7:00 pm to 9:30 pm



7 months



150.00 Monthly

(Paying by the 1st of each month leaves at 130,00 reais)


Form of payment:


(cash, bank deposit, debit or credit card)



The Cyclomatics - Space of the Arts

Santana Street, 119,

Stores A, B, C and D - Center

(in front of Santana Church)



(21) 2509-5537 / (21) 98039-5518